Our Team

Logan Davies, Executive Director

Logan is a Regional Manager in the Banking Services industry, and graduated from Middle Georgia State University with a degree in Business Administration and studied economics. He is the father of a loving son, a column writer, firearm enthusiast, and unwavering supporter of individual liberty

Justin Glassman, Assistant Director

Justin is a husband and father of two girls. After a brief service in the military, he was drawn into the liberty movement after dissatisfaction with government policy. He is a contributor for the media company Being Libertarian, and has been devoted to altruism after personally witnessing the power of voluntaryism when his community funded his youngest daughters surgery.

Alon “Chief Geek” Ganon, Chief Technology Officer

Alon is self taught in most things IT. He built his first computer at 7, and was introduced to GNU/Linux by the time he turned 9. Alon is an IT Contractor by trade specializing in the medical and dental fields. He espouses freedom in all facets of life, especially in electronic freedoms, as he is a big believer in Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS).

Sarah Perry, Editor, Project Coordinator

Sarah is an unschooling mother of two who loves reading and is an avid gamer. She studied English, Creative Writing, and Early Childhood Developmental Science in college. She enjoys writing for children and young adults. Giving service to others has been a huge part of her life.

Callie Gschwind Gunnells, Project Coordinator

Callie is a supermom of two beautiful children, a jack of all hobbies, and an aspiring fictional writer. She resides in Mississippi with her family, and maintains a deeply rooted passion for liberty

Thomas Schulz, Project Coordinator, Technology Support

Thomas is an electrical and mechanical engineering enthusiast. He is currently studying Electrical Engineering at Vincennes University. He is a principled voluntaryist, and advocate of a society driven by non-aggression. 


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