Voluntaryism in Action strives to empower and improve the lives of everyone across the globe through charitable, voluntary and free market solutions.


Whenever a need is introduced, Voluntaryism in Action and its supporters address the need to the best of our ability. Regardless of the nature of the causes that are brought before us, there is always an empathetic stranger out there who offers charitable support. 

We are confident that free people are perfectly capable of addressing the issues that arise in their communities without engaging in coercive actions to accomplish these charitable acts, and our work illustrates how this is possible. 

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Feeding Program for School Chldren in Sierra Leone
We are currently raising funds to assist children with food at the Rural Education Community School in Goderich, Sierra Leone.
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capsized by charity

Capsized By Charity

“Capsized By Charity” was written by Oliver A. from The Liberty Quill. “Far too many equate compassion for the poor with support

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