Charitable 8 Year Old Organizes Homeless Care Drive​

Sometimes a story comes along that just gives you hope for the future. This story about little Autumn does just that. Autumn is a eight year old girl who lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her parents and two brothers. She’s a compassionate young girl who’s always uplifting others when they’re in a time of need. Her latest work is a perfect example of living a Voluntaryist principled life. 

Autumn started a campaign to help the homeless in her area. She raised money from family and friends, and then VIA gave her campaign a monetary boost. That was all she needed to make a major impact in her hometown. Autumn was able  to put together and distribute 95 care packages for those in need!

It’s stories of children like Autumn that give us hope for our future. The only way we can make a meaningful impact in our society today is to teach our kids the things that many of us had to learn on our own; that voluntaryism and charity are far more impactful than any legislation Congress could pass.

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