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unschooling and voluntaryism

Unschooling and Voluntaryism

It’s safe to say that people in the liberty movement are fans of alternate school choices—the farther distance from government involvement the better.  Private schools

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capsized by charity

Capsized By Charity

“Capsized By Charity” was written by Oliver A. from The Liberty Quill. “Far too many equate compassion for the poor with support for government welfare

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christmas carol

A Very Voluntary Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas stories. The classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge’s redemption from heartless miser to generous philanthropist

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it's a voluntary life

It’s a Voluntary Life

This essay by Sean Gale is the winner of VIA’s 2020 Higher Education Grant essay contest. The state has consistently used force to monopolize every

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is capitalism voluntary

Is Capitalism Voluntary?

Depending on your views, capitalism is one of the most hated or loved economic systems in the world. When you ask “is capitalism voluntary?” the

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