Historic Blizzard Inspires Voluntaryism

Even in the cold of winter, the spirit of voluntaryism burns bright. And not just any winter, but the worst winter ever! Over the weekend, residents of the City of St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada were blasted with a blizzard that left a record 76.2 centimeters (that’s 30 inches!) of snow.

With that kind of weather, it may have been tempting to huddle inside and let someone else handle the snow removal. But volunteer shovel brigades rallied to clear sidewalks, and snowblower teams swept the town. The community pulled together online too, as inspirational stories were shared with the hashtag “snowmageddon2020.”

These great Canadians are more proof that if left to their own devices, people will voluntarily take care of each other. Even in the depths of winter, the human spirit glows with the desire to help others—and that’s what Voluntaryism in Action is all about!


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