Donors Assist East Palestine

Header Image credit: Gene J. Puskar / AP file

Remember when the government deliberately dumped and burned hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals from a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio? The residents sure do—they’ve been struggling with water contamination issues ever since. Despite assurances from the government that the water is clean, the residents believed otherwise. Independent testing bore that out, finding carcinogenic compounds from the chemical spill at levels the government tests had been set too insensitive to detect.

A black plume rises as a result of a controlled detonation of part of the derailed trains in East Palestine, Ohio. Credit: Gene J. Puskar / AP file

Thanks to the generosity of you and other VIA supporters, we were able to help relive suffering caused by this crisis. Over $2000 was sent to The Way Station to aid their on-the-ground, community-focused efforts to aid the people who had their lives upended by the government.  

With your help, food, clothing, water, hygiene products, diapers, cleaning supplies and gift cards were provided to those in need. Thank you for your contribution! Together, we’re showing the world that the way to do things is voluntarily.

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