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We are providing families with seeds and resources so that they may learn to grow their own food!

Want to grow your own vegetables?

We at VIA love to lend a helping hand for immediate need, but ultimately we intend to promote self-sufficiency and personal responsibility so that when burdens do arise, they can be addressed in a manner that does not require assistance from others. 

One means of accomplishing and practicing self-sufficiency is gardening! It requires little start up capital, and contrary to popular belief it can be implemented just about anywhere! Regardless if you live in an apartment complex, a condo, or a residence with a small yard, it is possible to grow your own fresh vegetables and enjoy the fruits of your labor (literally)!

We are teaming up with True Leaf Market, who is providing our organization with heirloom seeds to distribute to families that want to take up gardening! They will be donating non-GMO and organic heirloom seeds to ensure our recipients and their families grow and eat healthy and nutritious veggies! 

Although gardening can be a tad intimidating at first, all it takes is patience and some TLC! Okay, it does take a little bit of research! But not to worry.  Their website is PACKED full of helpful information that will ensure you have a successful harvest when the time comes to feast on your hard work. Next to their plethora of information, you can conduct a few Google searches and watch endless hours of videos on YouTube that will provide you with free knowledge.

And finally, a handful of folks on the VIA team are vegetable gardeners themselves, so feel free to shoot us over an email with any questions and we would be happy to offer some tips! One of our followers and volunteers is a master gardener! He offers some quick tips here

If you are ready to start your gardening journey and learn to become self sufficient, fill out the below form and we would be happy to get you started with seeds and capital! If you would like to donate to this project to help us distribute the seeds and capital, a donation form is also below. 

About True Leaf Market

Since 1974, True Leaf Market’s brands: Mountain Valley Seed and Handy Pantry, have been providing a multitude of high quality seed to residential and professional growers alike, which include flowers, vegetables, grasses, herbs, sprouting, long-term storage, and wild flowers. As an independent seed company, we’ve been thrilled to hear the feedback we get from our customers about their stellar results with their seeds. We hope to build and rebuild communities through growing by making gardening an accessible practice for all.”

**Due to the high volume of requests, your supplies will ship in 5-10 business days. Please grant us a timely manner to respond to your request!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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