Higher Education Grant: Essay Contest

VIA is holding an essay contest for full time students who attend an accredited university in the US.

Welcome! We are inviting higher education students to apply for our first college grant through an essay contest! We are awarding this grant to the student who submits their essay that is within the below parameters, and will be reviewed by our editorial department. 

The writer of the essay that is chosen by our team will be awarded a $500 grant, and the runner up will be given $250.  Please submit your essay by filling out the form at the bottom. Both an essay and proof of current enrollment will be required for consideration. Both essays will be published on the VIA Wire upon completion of the contest!


  • – Applicants must be a full time student that is currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in the United States.
  • – MLA format, and at least 1000 words.  
  • – Essay topics must be chosen between the two provided below. 
  • – Utilizing sources are encouraged, and if you so choose to use them please cite them.

The team reviewing submissions will grade each essay through structure, grammar, creativity, and the authors ability to persuade the reader.


Topic A: “It’s a Voluntary Life.”
Imagine a world where everyone has embraced a voluntaryist philosophy. Explain how this world would function without state welfare. Would the problems of society look the same? How would they be addressed?
Topic B: “But What About the Roads?“
Describe how a world without taxes would build and maintain roads. Explore how businesses have an incentive for customers to be able to access their storefronts and the various ways they might contribute to infrastructure. What about communities, especially rural ones?
VIA Higher Education Essay Contest
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@viaction.org

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