Self-Sufficiency Resources for the Needy

Since VIA’s inception, our organization and its supporters have put tremendous energy toward an array of different causes and have been successful in completing them. Of the many, we have found the most effective means to make a direct impact is through Community Development. Our mission in this program is to ensure the burdens of the needy are not only temporarily addressed, but rather a permanent leg up.  

To complete this mission, we intend to grant the homelessunemployedat-risk teenssingle parents, and other needy individuals who seek a better life the necessary tools and resources to becoming both empowered and selfsustainable. These resources will include: 

  • – Assistance with resume building and access to internet technology 
  • – Funds for transportation to employment interviews and initial phase of employment 
  • – Presentable clothing for job interviews and other appearance improvement processes 
  • – Funds for temporary shelter in transition phase 
  • – A pre-paid cellular device to ensure they maintain communication with potential employers 
  • – Other required resources to ensure self-sustainability 

Our volunteers and team will be working directly with these individuals, supplying them with both knowledge and resources to the best of our ability. Our goal is to have the funds readily available and the logistics in order by no later than Summer of 2020.  

Although these goals are feasible with our target budget, we believe the logistics of completing the task will result in a large portion of our organizations resources and volunteer’s energy. After thoughtful consideration, we have concluded that these resources can be most effectively disseminated if we lease or purchase a building to act as our Community Resource Center. Not only will our organization be able to efficiently address the needs of these individuals in the community, we will also be able to use the building to direct our food drives, toy drives, clothing drives, and other initiatives we engage in. If we are to successfully reach our goal for the resources, we will proceed to raise funds for the Community Resource Center.  

Our organization and its supporters have realized our capabilities, and we intend to utilize this momentum to make the greatest impact within our scope. If you seek to assist us in this venture, please consider offering us your support so that we are not only offering a hand to these individuals in need, but a road to a better life.  

Thank you for your kind support. If you have any questions or inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Voluntaryism in Action Inc is a public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3), 83-3739498