Education supplies we were able to send to the children of Goderich Village using cryptocurrencies. 

Poverty and hunger are widespread internationally. As many are aware, these unfortunate factors are very much applicable to many countries in Africa.  Decades of civil wars, corruption and disease have devastated the continent, with Sierra Leone being of no exception.

We are currently working with a domestic organization in the country, Kids Compassion Charity, and at this time we are offering humanitarian aid to alleviate the burdens they face. We have the end goal of granting many of those struggling with survival the proper resources and needed infrastructure improvements so that they may become self sufficient.

To efficiently assist our friends in Sierra Leone, we have organized the most efficient and logistically sound method of doing so. We are utilizing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to navigate around the bureaucracy and expensive costs that are tied to international fund transfers, and our partners on the ground in Africa are then converting the crypto to their local currency. This use of innovative technology and financial instruments is one example of how decentralized markets can provide resources to those in need. 

You can learn more about our partners in Africa here.

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