annual holiday food drive

At VIA, we not only want to help people when they’re in need—we want to make sure that going forward they have the means and skills to be self-sufficient. This campaign is about lifting those with some of the most dire human needs—for food and shelter—and making sure they have the resources to keep themselves fed and sheltered.

Programs in this project include:

  • – Granting resources to the needy, and seek to empower them.
  • – Community food drives, and assistance to community food banks
  • – Strengthen communities by lifting individuals from their burdens, and allow them to designate their resources towards productive activity.

Thank you for your kind support. If you have any questions or inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Voluntaryism in Action Inc is a public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3), 83-3739498