We do our absolute best to address the many issues our communities face. We rely on our dedicated supporters offering charitable donations to bring these issues to light, and see them through until they are deemed successful. 100% of your donation will be dedicated to our charitable efforts. 

Community Development

At VIA, we not only want to help people when they’re in need—we want to make sure that going forward they have the means and skills to be self-sufficient. This campaign is about lifting those with some of the most dire human needs—for food and shelter—and making sure they have the resources to keep themselves fed and sheltered.

Through food drives, giving personal assistance and resources to the homeless, and creating community gardens, we believe we can establish a foundation to strengthen communities by lifting individuals.

Education Initiatives 

The public school system is failing our children. The value of a good education is immeasurable, and we at VIA would like to help students and educators receive the support and tools they need to succeed. Whether it be for public or private school, homeschool, or college, this campaign focuses on removing financial obstacles for the rising generation of students and their devoted educators. This project will raise funds for supplies for low income students, classrooms, teachers and homeschool families, mini-grants for low-income college students, and more.

Urgent Needs

Unfortunately many individuals, families, and communities are not financially prepared for the unexpected.  Life is full of its surprises, and regrettably these surprises can be devastating. 

We will be dedicating this fund to general needs that will be directed towards the various issues that affects those who have exhausted all resources in addressing the occurrence such as disaster relief, medical expenses, funeral expenses, assistance for single parents, and much more. 


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