August 2019 Update

In the month of August, we had quite a bit of work laid out for us! We made a handful of changes due to obtaining our 501(c)(3) status in hopes of gaining both efficiency and impact.

Through our Facebook page we ran Community Causes all throughout the month so individual causes would gain the much needed exposure, and witnessed many people lend a helping hand to those in need in the VIA Community. From making sure a family could have a hot meal, to helping a college student obtain the books he needed for his first semester in college!

Additionally, we managed to raise over $6,000 for the victims of the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso in a few short days. We are expecting to have these funds deposited sometime this week, and they will be directed to the El Paso Shooting Victims Fund and a fund setup by the Dayton Foundation. 

To end the month, we launched our inaugural food drive to ensure those in need have food to eat for the upcoming holiday season. If you would like to donate to this drive, click here.