Charitable 8 Year Old Organizes Homeless Care Drive​

Sometimes a story comes along that just gives you hope for the future. This story about little Autumn does just that. Autumn is a eight year old girl who lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her parents and two brothers. She’s a compassionate young girl who’s always uplifting others when they’re in a time of need. Her latest work is a perfect example of living a Voluntaryist principled life.

Autumn started a campaign to help the homeless in her area. She raised money from family and friends, and then VIA gave her campaign a monetary boost. That was all she needed to make a major impact in her hometown. Autumn was able  to put together and distribute 95 care packages for those in need!

It’s stories of children like Autumn that give us hope for our future. The only way we can make a meaningful impact in our society today is to teach our kids the things that many of us had to learn on our own; that voluntaryism and charity are far more impactful than any legislation Congress could pass.

The Sweet Taste of Voluntaryism

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Without government to force people to pay for welfare programs, would people choose to feed the hungry of their own volition?  If the countless volunteer-run soup kitchens and food pantries around the world aren’t enough to convince you, just look at what Voluntaryism in Action’s inaugural food drive accomplished on nothing but voluntary donations and volunteer work:

  • Over $4,000 in monetary donations raised in less than a week
  • Volunteers used some of these funds to purchase hundreds of pounds of dry goods, 20 turkeys, and 5 hams for Crossroads of Michigan in Detroit
  • Monetary funds were dispersed to various foundations and charitable organizations such as the Byron Saunders Foundation in Ohio, Macon Outreach and Sacred Heart in Georgia 
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Most people know what it’s like to go through hard times and not have enough to eat.  The enormous success of our first food drive shows that when given the chance, people will help lift each other out of these situations.  Empathy and compassion are far better motivators than coercion and force.  And just imagine how much more people could afford to give if they weren’t burdened by our current state of excessive taxation?  We are looking forward to seeing what else our community can accomplish going forward as we spread our message of voluntaryism by example! 

August 2019 Update

In the month of August, we had quite a bit of work laid out for us! We made a handful of changes due to obtaining our 501(c)(3) status in hopes of gaining both efficiency and impact.

Through our Facebook page we ran Community Causes all throughout the month so individual causes would gain the much needed exposure, and witnessed many people lend a helping hand to those in need in the VIA Community. From making sure a family could have a hot meal, to helping a college student obtain the books he needed for his first semester in college!

Additionally, we managed to raise over $6,000 for the victims of the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso in a few short days. We are expecting to have these funds deposited sometime this week, and they will be directed to the El Paso Shooting Victims Fund and a fund setup by the Dayton Foundation. 

To end the month, we launched our inaugural food drive to ensure those in need have food to eat for the upcoming holiday season. If you would like to donate to this drive, click here. 

Community Rallies Behind Mass Shooting Victims

On the weekend of August 3rd, 2019, two separate mass shootings rocked the nation and left a combined 31 people killed. These shootings were not simply shocking from the aspect of the loss of life, but that they were two completely separate instances, just hours apart. The first happened in El Paso, TX on August 3rd and left 22 dead, while the second happened later that evening in Dayton, Ohio with 9 losing their lives.

Of course this stirred the usual conversations across social media. The #GunControlNow crowd was out in droves, whilst the #2A army was giving the usual chants of ‘come and take them’. But through all the pandering and blaming of one group of people or another, there was something wonderful happening in the background. A group of strangers banding together to help other people in need.

Voluntaryism In Action started a fundraiser to raise $5,000 on August 4th to help the families of the victims in any way we could. Little did we know what would happen next. In less than 48hrs the VIA Community and the rest of the VIA family was able to not only meet the $5,000 goal, but SURPASSED it by over $1,000!! We were simply blown away by how the VIA Family, as a whole, got the fundraiser and our message across the net in such a short period of time.

This fundraiser was just one more example of how we can be there for each other without the use of some overreaching and coercive government entity. We can lift each other up without any law trying to force us to, while simultaneously creating a middle man between us and the needy. We can be kind, we can be virtuous…we can be the helpers.