Holiday Food Drive 2023

With massive inflation caused by the government printing more money, it’s become difficult for people to take care of themselves, let alone be able to help others. Nevertheless, we received about $200 in donations to our Holiday Food Drive. Rather than divide it up, we gave your donations to a family who has been suffering acutely. Their story is below. 

In May of 2023, Miss Stacey’s young daughter was diagnosed with a diffused midline glioma. DMG is a very aggressive, rare tumor that typically occurs in young children, and is considered terminal if it cannot be removed. Unfortunately, this tumor has been deemed inoperable due to its location near her brain stem. Since being diagnosed, she has completed one round of radiation which was 5 days/week for 6 weeks.

 While receiving radiation, her doctors worked hard to see if she would qualify for a clinical trial that, if successful, would allow important medication to cross the blood-brain barrier and attack her specific type of tumor. Even though she didn’t meet the age requirement to participate in the trial, Miss Stacey remained hopeful as they waited for a decision to be made. Shortly after completing radiation, Miss Stacey was told that her daughter was 1 of 3 children across the country who were accepted into this trial. 

The clinical trial would require her daughter to receive a series of 8 “vaccines” that would be administered once every two weeks. While the trial study has come to a close, her battle with DMG is far from over. The tumor has grown slightly since its original measurement post-radiation, but it has not grown throughout participation in the trial study. The hope is that this new treatment will prevent further growth of the tumor but continued monitoring is required to ensure that any change in size is attacked with additional radiation as long as her little body can manage the treatments. 

Throughout all of her appointments and treatments, Miss Stacey worked hard to maintain normalcy for her family, especially her young son. She talked to her son about her daughter’s illness but knows that he doesn’t quite understand the seriousness. Because of this, she continued to take her son to his soccer and baseball games, ensuring she spent time with friends and family, taking turns having special 1 on 1 outings with him and doing everything to keep his routine as normal as possible.

 Miss Stacey and her husband alternate their time away from work but both of them have needed a significant drop in work hours to spend time together as a family and ensure Abbey is at every appointment. Stacey is currently working through intermittent FMLA and her husband is about to head into snow plowing season, which he does during his offseason from construction work.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our Holiday Food drive for helping provide Miss Stacey’s children with a wonderful Christmas while taking the planning and financial strain away from Miss Stacey and her husband.

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