The Sweet Taste of Voluntaryism

Without government to force people to pay for welfare programs, would people choose to feed the hungry of their own volition?  If the countless volunteer-run soup kitchens and food pantries around the world aren’t enough to convince you, just look at what Voluntaryism in Action’s inaugural food drive accomplished on nothing but voluntary donations and volunteer work:

  • Over $4,000 in monetary donations raised in less than a week
  • Volunteers used some of these funds to purchase hundreds of pounds of dry goods, 20 turkeys, and 5 hams for Crossroads of Michigan in Detroit
  • Monetary funds were dispersed to various foundations and charitable organizations such as the Byron Saunders Foundation in Ohio, Macon Outreach and Sacred Heart in Georgia 
5 Fix

Most people know what it’s like to go through hard times and not have enough to eat.  The enormous success of our first food drive shows that when given the chance, people will help lift each other out of these situations.  Empathy and compassion are far better motivators than coercion and force.  And just imagine how much more people could afford to give if they weren’t burdened by our current state of excessive taxation?  We are looking forward to seeing what else our community can accomplish going forward as we spread our message of voluntaryism by example!